children.jpgBarakat exists to strengthen the fundamental human rights to education in South and Central Asia by providing exemplary basic education, increasing access to higher education, and advancing literacy, particularly for women and children.

Barakat Invisions a world in which all the people of South and Central Asia fully realize their human rights to education.



two girls at qazipur barakat

Barakat’s vision is realized in the implementation of 7 schools and 31 literacy programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. These schools and literacy programs focus on women and children, because they hold the power to shape the future of their socities in a productive way. The areas we work in are the most marginalized, and therefore, the most in need of education. Click here to learn more about our programs. Please take the time to fill out the form below so that we at Barakat can get to know you better. Those who fill out this form will be entered into to win a gift of Barakat’s appreciation.