Barakat’s 6th Annual Walk for Literacy Update

Take a Step Forward for Education

Grab your family and friends and make sure those shoes were made for walking! You will be supporting our efforts to educate and empower women and children in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Join Barakat at Cambridge Common for our 6th Annual Walk for Literacy starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 28! The Walk is Barakat’s biggest fundraiser and, since it first started in 2008, has drawn over 1,000 walkers and raised over $72,000. We are hoping to beat those numbers by attracting 500 participants this year!

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Dream of a Better Tomorrow

His father’s unshakable belief in the value of schooling and his own desire for a better life through education are the main forces behind 15-year-old Muhibullah’s drive to succeed.

“If I didn’t go to school for a day, my father would send me by force,” he said.

Now in the 8th grade at one of Barakat’s schools, Muhibullah has derived inspiration from the examples set by his father and teachers. It is clear to him, he said, that educated people have a better life, one where war and poverty are not the sole proprietors.  This is why he wants to become an English teacher and create an English course in his home district of Andkhoy.

Pakistan Staff

Sumera Sahar — Country Director of Barakat Pakistan
Abudul Rehman — Supervisor of Barakat Pakistan
Shehnaz Begum — Principal of Ersari Elementary School
Shazia Bukhari — Principal of Barakat Elementary School
Nazneen Nishat — Principal of Barakat Primary School