Raazia Moeen Forges Path for Women in Pakistan

Raazia is a refugee from Afghanistan who has overcome obstacles in a foreign country. After being a student at the Barakat Ersari School, Raazia came back to teach students who are refugees like herself. By returning to teach, Raazia is reinvesting in the community that helped her gain an education. Her work now is strengthening that community for future generations. Raazia is setting a shining example for her students to follow, and she is a role model for all in Pakistan and Afghanistan to look to.

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Malaria Article December Newsletter

Barakat’s mission to strengthen the fundamental human right to education in South and Central Asia is often hindered by the lack of equality between men and women, and between those of different classes within the environment in which our schools are located. This issue is of particular importance in India. Due to the caste system, those of less fortunate means are most often denied access to quality education and healthcare, limiting the progress of each new generation.

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Pakistan Closes Schools (Nov. 09 Newsletter)

The government of Pakistan announced a week-long closure of educational institutions across the country because of a vicious attack on the International Islamic University in Islamabad on October 20, 2009.

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Habibullah Karimi, Co-Founder of Barakat in Boston!-Newsletter 16

Barakat’s cofounders, Chris Walter and Habibullah Karimi, are back together after collaborating long distance for more than a year.  The passions that brought them together more than twenty years ago–carpet weaving and education–remain their focus during this visit.  As conditions in Habibullah’s home country of Afghanistan continue to be strained and Afghan refugees in Pakistan face increasing challenges, the two men continue to make inroads for female education despite the opposition.  

Barakat staff and interns had a unique opportunity to hear from Habibullah and Chris in a Question-and-Answer session at the Barakat office.  These two inspiring individuals also spoke at the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) as well as at the Grant Opening for Mohr & McPherson’s new South End rug gallery. 

"Back in the early days we had a rug shop about twice the size of that carpet," Chris reminisced, motioning to an 8′ X 10′ rug.  "We all slept in the shop together on the floor.  It was quite a beginning." 

It was through this close relationship that Barakat’s first school was created.   Habibullah explains: "Barakat was established to be a blessing to the people in the community.  That’s what the word barakat means–blessing.  And that’s what we want to keep bringing to the community, blessings from our work and your work and the vision that we have to provide access to education."