Donate Now to Flood Victims in Pakistan!

Thousands of people are being displaced in Pakistan from what experts are calling the worst monsoon floods in more than 80 years. Of those, nearly 600 people have fled to the town of Attock in Punjab, the home-base of Barakat Pakistan’s schools and programs since 1994. Donate Now.

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Teachers Continue Human Rights Training

Once again this month, 20 Afghan teachers gathered for a workshop in one of the classrooms of the Abo Muslim High School, in the Andkhoy district of Afghanistan.

The scenario itself was nothing out of the ordinary—but the theme of the workshop was.

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Drug-Free Presentation Acts Out Prevention

On June 25, the students of Barakat’s Ersari Elementary School in Pakistan exited their classrooms, sat quietly and gave ten strangers their undivided attention.

The topic: a discussion about the prevention and harmful effects of drug use, which has remained a consistent issue, especially for many Afghan refugees living in Pakistan.

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Scholarship Recipients Announced in Pakistan

The lives of four young women from Punjab, Pakistan are about to change drastically, for a grand total of $60 a month.

Barakat has officially chosen the recipients of the Girls Scholarship Program for Continuing Education in Pakistan: Mujdah, a fifteen-year-old girl attending Ali Public School, and Surayya, Mahnoor, and Haleema, three sixteen-year-olds girls attending the Government Girls’ High School. Each of the selected young women is an Afghan refugee and a Barakat graduate.

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