Barakat Program Director on the Road

As the rest of Boston hunkers down to brave frigid February temperatures, Barakat Program Director Arti Pandey and Barakat co-founder Chris Walter are hitting the road.  Arti and Chris will visit our programs in Afghanistan next month to meet with our students and staff and will begin a needs assessment for a new project in India.

One of the greatest strengths of Barakat's model is that we work with current community leaders to develop future community leaders.  Our Afghan staff know the community because it's their home.  As a result, our programs and curricula are fueled not by

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Raazia Moeen Forges Path for Women in Pakistan

Raazia is a refugee from Afghanistan who has overcome obstacles in a foreign country. After being a student at the Barakat Ersari School, Raazia came back to teach students who are refugees like herself. By returning to teach, Raazia is reinvesting in the community that helped her gain an education. Her work now is strengthening that community for future generations. Raazia is setting a shining example for her students to follow, and she is a role model for all in Pakistan and Afghanistan to look to.

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Malaria Article December Newsletter

Barakat’s mission to strengthen the fundamental human right to education in South and Central Asia is often hindered by the lack of equality between men and women, and between those of different classes within the environment in which our schools are located. This issue is of particular importance in India. Due to the caste system, those of less fortunate means are most often denied access to quality education and healthcare, limiting the progress of each new generation.

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Contribute to Barakat Through eBay!

Are you looking for another way to help Barakat in its mission to advance education in South Asia

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Sell your unwanted items and donate 10-100% of the final sale price to Barakat on eBay and receive a credit on our basic selling fees. Or, if you’re in the mood to shop, buy items that are already listed to benefit our cause.

What is better than helping a cause you care about while using eBay