As part of Barakat’s school programs we send a doctor to the school’s in both countries twice a year to give the students check ups and to help treat any medical conditions that would normally keep the student from going to school. At the most recent doctor visit to Mullah Krim Nazar School, it was discovered that a student named Melad has a heart defect that requires surgery for treatment. Luckily for Melad, his case was picked up by another charity in the area that will be covering all of the expenses associated with the surgery itself, but since he is only 7 years old it is necessary to send a family member with Melad when the time comes for his surgery.

Melad, age 7

Melad is from Babay Khoja Village in the Andkhoy District in Afghanistan. Due to his parent’s financial situation they have come to us to help them to raise the necessary $2,000 to be able to send one of them with Melad when the time comes for him to have his surgery. We currently don’t have a date scheduled for Melad’s surgery but he is being sent to either India or Germany for treatment when the time comes. All funds raised during this fundraiser will be sent to Melad and his family. To donate to Melad and his family please either use the donate button below or send a check to 283 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

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2015 Walk for Literacy

2016 Walk for Literacy

Join us for the 9th Annual Walk for Literacy on Saturday, September 24, 2016. Barakat’s Walk for Literacy is an annual event that raises both awareness and funds for our important mission of educating and empowering children and women in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Barakat is dedicated to providing exemplary basic education in Afghanistan and Pakistan: we advance literacy and increase access to secondary education, particularly for girls and women.The scenic walk through Cambridge is a fun and unique event, where a diverse community of walkers come together to support a worthy cause – educating thousands of women and children without access to quality basic education! In 2014 – 2015, more than 3,000 children (over 50 percent of them girls) enrolled in Barakat’s five schools. An additional 605 girls and women attended our lower-level and higher-level literacy programs in Afghanistan.

Since its inception in 2008, the Walk has grown to attract almost 1,200 walkers and has raised over $120,000.
Walk Registration starts at 9 am, and the Walk begins at 10 am from Cambridge Common Park in Harvard Square. All walkers will receive breakfast, lunch and a FREE T-Shirt.

Why We Need Your Support

Barakat’s goal this year is to have 300 walkers and raise $35,000. With YOUR help, we know we can DO IT!
Every step counts and so does every dollar! Your participation as a walker, or as a donor to support the Walk, will help us educate and empower more women and children in Afghanistan and Pakistan! Your support makes the following programs possible:
•   $50 sends 1 girl to 1 year of a literacy program.
•   $170 helps 1 girl to 1 year of high school.
•   $720 sends 8 students to 1 year of elementary school.
•  $1,500 will send 8 girls to 1 year of high school (tuition, uniform & school supplies).

Pre–registration is $30. Registration at the door is $40. Once you register, set a fundraising goal for yourself or for a team of friends, family, classmates, or colleagues. To help you gather donations we’ve created a peer to peer fundraising page that supplies you with all of the tools you need to reach your fundraising goal!

Thank you and see you at the Walk!

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Ersari Rug

A Chance to WIN a Beautiful Ersari Rug!


Ersari_RugAfghanistan’s centuries-old carpet industry has some of the most highly skilled weavers in the world. Hand-knotted rugs are Afghanistan’s largest legal export, with one million Afghans working directly or indirectly in the industry. Afghan weavers have maintained their traditional method of creating entirely handmade carpets, from carding to spinning to weaving.

The featured rug is woven in the village of Aqcha, Jowzjan province, in Northern Afghanistan. It is a traditional Ersari Turkmen rug, having a Pardah design. Pardah means ‘covering’ or ‘hanging’ – and is applied to rugs used by the tribes to cover the doorways of their felt yurts. This beautiful rug was woven with all-vegetable dyes, and hand-spun, hard-carded wool.

The size of the rug is 6.2 x 8.10, valued at $3,000, and is donated to Barakat by Yayla Tribal Rugs, located in Cambridge.

Barakat has been instrumental in changing lives through education and literacy in Northern Afghanistan – with a particular focus on the communities that rely on rug weaving as their livelihood. We have two schools and 14 literacy programs for children and women in Jowzjan and Faryab provinces, in Northern Afghanistan.     

2015 Walk for Literacy

2016 Walk for Literacy

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